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Crop Chocolate
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Well actually, it has been a while.  Sorry about that but I have been working very hard and having lots of fun.  I will be posting my Halloween cards, but later in the week.  I got sidetracked and wanted to share with you a doggie bed I made for one of our inside dogs.  The dog pictured in the bed is Harley, but Harley gets a different bed, later when I get hers made.  I re-purposed a vintage suitcase.  My husband made a wooden frame which I used to stuff with batting and cover with a tan suede stapled to the frame.  I did this both for the top and bottom of the suitcase.  Inserted the tan framed pillows . . .added legs and Voila - instant "Green" doggie bed, which the dogs love and I think is really cute.

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  1. the picture doesn't do it justice, it's greater IRL! And look at Harley, she looks so proud to be the one to model it for mommy......see around 6PM.